We are pleased to announce some important major developments (Update February 2013)

Ways HR Consulting has entered into a delivery partnership with NorthgateArinso, the foremost supplier of world class HR software and associated consultancy services for the delivery of its major reward projects.

Ways and Northgate will be operating in a very close partnership on large scale reward consulting projects.  Ways’ innovative  methodologies can be combined with Northgate’s highly regarded consultancy expertise and proven software solutions.

Our combined track records demonstrate a catalogue of impressive proven solutions delivered to a range of clients.

Support for existing clients

All existing clients will be provided with the opportunity for both continuity of approach and service and exciting prospects for enhancement through full access to Northgate’s software and solutions.

In the current challenging consultancy market this partnership will also help clients with their procurement requirements (i.e. further confidence in the need for scale, stability and risk management capability). Economies of scale will provide the potential for even greater value. Integrated software and systems will also greatly modernise Ways’ more traditional consultancy services.

Moving forward

Paul Robertson will be responsible for managing the reward partnership as well as continuing as Head of Practice for the wider range of our HR Consulting services.

Amanda Gee will be leading the continuation of Ways HR Advice services, which have been successfully delivered to a growing base of SME clients. She will also continue to manage the delivery of our innovative online career management services, Career Sage. Amanda will be available to ensure ongoing customer service to all current and former clients.

Any further queries

If you have any queries about the new arrangements, please contact paul.robertson@wayshrc.com or amanda.gee@wayshrc.com.

We are looking forward to extending our services and the exciting opportunities presented by this partnership. We will soon be providing our reward clients with further details about the integrated software support available from Northgate.