Victim Support Scotland, Salary and Structure Review

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  • VSSVictim Support Scotland is the largest voluntary sector support provider to people affected by crime in Scotland.
  • It has170 staff and 900 volunteers delivering services to over 180,000 people per year. This support comes through 31 local community based offices, 42 court based offices and the national offices.
  • VSS has had charitable status since August 1985 and was established as an independent company limited by guarantee in 1989.

What did our client need?

  • Assistance with the organisation of service delivery within the community and court based services under VSS control and options for organisational structure.
  • Robust job evaluation and pay grading for the new structure, including the development of a competency framework.
  • Advice on how to effectively resource the management and support of service delivery.
  • An approach which considered the breadth of VSS responsibilities and made allowances for future as well as current requirements. 

How did we help?

  • Role profiles with competenciesUse of a Job Family approach to develop new organisational and pay structures which would meet current and future needs, based on an objective criteria.
  • Designing four Job Families, in collaboration with members of VSS staff, which described the key areas of work in the organisation.
  • Trained selected VSS staff with the knowledge and ability to deliver and implement the new job evaluation structure and methodology.
  • Introduction of a competency framework which helped to enhance the role profiles within the new Job Families, as a way to focus staff towards organisational goals. 

What benefits did our client gain?

  • A Job Family approach which provided all the longer term organisational benefits of Job Families while reducing the costs of job evaluation and devising a new pay structure.
  • A series of new roles that reflected the future needs of the service.
  • The scope to integrate VSS competencies to these role definitions in the future.
  • A management and organisation structure that integrates the future delivery of services in the management team and at a local level. 


Click here to read or download more about this case study.