Job Family Modelling, Glasgow City Council

“I was pleased to have worked in partnership with Ways HR Consulting who assisted Glasgow City Council in the completion of a Job Family Modelling project concerning pay and grading and the eventual implementation of single status compliance.

The professionalism and expertise provided by Paul Robertson (Head of Practice) and his team was first class. Though the project was subject to strict timescales, I was impressed by Ways HR Consulting’s holistic approach to project management and the ability of Ways HR Consulting to synchronise and deliver all aspects of the work to deadline.

I was particularly delighted by the partnership approach taken and the excellent working relationship between Glasgow City Council and Ways HR Consulting. A productive and beneficial dialogue was maintained throughout. The technical aspects of the project were communicated well by the consultants and their expertise was extremely valuable. Their work meant that all workshops were delivered promptly and there was a successful transfer of knowledge and information to Glasgow City Council staff.

Overall, I found working with Ways HR Consulting to be an indispensable partner during this project. They exceeded my expectations and provided support and expertise throughout. The work we completed together has been implemented and utilised in numerous parts of the organisation. I am pleased to say that they remain trusted advisors to Glasgow City Council and I am currently in discussions regarding further project work in other areas with them. Ways HR Consulting provide a professional and cost effective service and I look forward to working with them again in the near future.”

Margaret Conner, Executive HR Manager


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