Salary and Reward Benchmarking


  • Our client is a local housing organisation with over 9,000 houses and 320 staff.  More than 50% of staff felt they did not receive fair pay and wanted an independent review.
  • Our study examined relativities for a selection of key jobs, some with a difficult recruitment history.


  • We examined current job descriptions, person specifications and internal relativities.
  • We matched each post to a range of data sources, according to basic salaries; bonus and performance pay; non-salary benefits; standard work hours; and annual leave.  We produced lower, median and upper quartile market matches.
  • Our report presented the findings on a post-by-post basis; an executive summary commented on areas of significant competitive influence.


  • We accessed: national salary and reward databases, including Reward Group, Incomes Data Services and Inbucon; internal research for a major housing sector client; and comparable posts advertised over the previous six months.
  • With practical guidelines we helped our client to decide where to position itself, according to the competitive nature of the market, and individual performance and contribution.

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