Reviewing Job Evaluation


  • Our client, a Welsh Council, had undertaken a major job analysis and evaluation exercise using the GLPC scheme, towards equal value compliance.
  • We reviewed this activity.


  • Our client worried that disruption to staff pay would make implementing the JE results difficult.
  • They were also concerned that their current approach would not provide the modernising benefits of Job Families, particularly competencies, role profiles and improvements to people management processes.
  • We examined whether the existing work could be modified to provide a constructive and viable solution; and if a Job Family approach was feasible.


  • Most of the evaluations were technically sound. But some of the relativities, based on an empirical view of common job titles, were out of line.
  • A grading structure for appropriate pay structure parameters was feasible, though the GLPC scheme does not lend itself to clear grade breaks.
  • We advised our client that abandoning the evaluations might be wise, to prevent negative pay outcomes.
  • A Job Family approach was appropriate, to utilise existing work, achieve a resource-effective outcome, reduce the need for individual evaluations and improve pan-Council consistency.