Leadership Development


  • Our client, an engineering firm, wanted to improve individual and collective effectiveness at Board level.
  • Their senior operational managers were capable and experienced.  But the opportunity to develop their leadership skills would prove extremely beneficial.


  • Assessment: We interviewed participants to establish their needs, also reviewing recent appraisal documentation and checking assessment outputs with the MD.
  • Defining leadership goals: We organised a launch and definition event to look at our client’s challenges; contemporary leadership effectiveness thinking; and the specific content and practicalities of the leadership programme.
  • Learning, development: We arranged practical workshops and other targeted interventions. Themes included Board-level strategic planning and financial management; team leadership effectiveness; and maximising influence.


  • Experts, briefed in detail by the programme consultant, were allocated for specific sessions.
  • Sessions focused on applied learning, specific to our client’s business issues, and included supporting reference materials to help those with a reflective learning style.
  • Ultimately we helped our client to establish a clear brand throughout their business; generate and develop business; develop and motivate their people while still holding to account; and improve client relationships.