Job Analysis


  • Our client, a large private sector organisation, was undertaking a major review to address key business questions.  We helped to analyse very senior jobs in detail; our independence and experience was necessary.
  • We analysed approximately 30 roles covering 50 people.


  • We designed a framework for individual interviews and a template for record keeping.
  • We began the interview process, which involved notifying and scheduling meetings with each senior staff-member.
  • The individual interviews took place, were recorded and sent to the role holder for comments.  Following any feedback, a final version was sent to our client.
  • After the interviews our consultants met to review and identify key job analysis themes, and make recommendations against our client’s business issues.


  • Our client was able to accurately answer its most important business questions:
  • What is the value of our key people and are we focusing them in the right way?
  • Will our framework allow us to grow and incentivise?
  • Do we have the right pay mix and are we competitive?
  • Should we reward key individuals and functions in different ways?