Independent Salary Review


  • Our client, a large Registered Social Landlord with over 7,000 homes, aimed to keep pace with the market by formally reviewing salaries every three years.
  • We benchmarked 105 discreet posts covering 160 employees.


  • We planned the project with representatives, Chief Executive and Head of Human Resources, collecting salary and¬†benefits data, and current job descriptions. We¬†agreed appropriate comparator groups and data sources.
  • We matched each post against an appropriate database, covering basic salaries, bonus and performance pay, and non-salary benefits. We produced lower quartile, median, mean and upper quartile market matches.
  • We prepared a report to highlight areas or features with a significant competitive influence, and discussed our findings and recommendations with the Salary Review Selection Committee.


  • Our review was informed by national salary and reward databases, including the Reward Group, Income Data Services and Inbucon; comparable posts advertised over the past six months; and data from internal research carried out for another major housing sector client.
  • Post-review, we gave practical guidelines for our client to position itself according to the competitive nature of the market and individual performance.

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