Customer Satisfaction


  • Our client felt that slipping customer service standards were beginning to impact negatively on overall profitability.  This was despite their strong sales culture, with 6,000 employees serving 50,000 customers.


  • We were hired to engage a representative sample of customers by focus group and survey, and a cross section of staff in seminar format.
  • An information road-show for managers enhanced communication.  We also improved performance management: balanced scorecard of KPIs, performance league tables and awards; and training and development: rewriting recruitment, induction and promotion policies to embrace customer service.
  • We looked further at customer focus: benchmarking best practice; capturing complaints and solving them upstream; and developing new CRM processes.


  • Our client rewrote their company values and employee behaviours; adjusted their managerial reward structure; and embedded customer satisfaction alongside functional training.
  • We implemented a new leadership programme; mystery shop and caller surveys of the customer experience; and a website redesign.
  • After our activity, a customer helpline number is widely promoted; worst performers are visited each month; internal satisfaction measures are designed and results published; and regular service audits are carried out with line managers of the biggest customers.