Competency Based Interviewing (1)


  • Our client is an international intergovernmental agency, involved in strategic planning, objectives and results for its parent organisation.
  • They use a competency framework with a multi-cultural focus to provide a consistent and standardised selection process.
  • We designed CBI and Observer training, initially for a pilot group (in 2003) then for the internal HR department.


  • We ran a three-day programme, using distance learning materials to disseminate all information.
  • Day 1: preparing for the selection day; structuring interviews; and effective competency based questioning techniques.
  • Day 2: putting theory into practice; and staging the selection day.
  • Day 3: evaluating results; writing reports and recommendations.
  • We used actors experienced in competency based approaches to rehearse a realistic selection day.  This also allowed us to make the training client-specific.


  • The standard of job description has improved and behavioural indicators play a greater part in the final decision-making process.  In fact, our client revised their framework to include some of the recruitment templates.
  • As an added benefit the training led to an increase in the level of teamwork, with individuals more likely to share ideas.