Sunderland City Council takes new approach to redeployment

I am pleased to announce that we will be working in partnership with Sunderland City Council to deliver a programme of outplacement support, through our exciting product Career Sage.Work will begin in November to assist an initial sample of 40 staff and help them find internal redeployment opportunities. Support will then be broadened to 400 staff by January 2011. This project extends the good relationship with our colleagues in Sunderland and we are pleased to be contributing our extensive knowledge of outplacement and redeployment towards the achievement of their goals.

Our programme of assistance will be complemented by the work of Previsor, who are contributing their talent measurement services to Sunderland City Council staff. The combination of Career Sage’s redeployment knowledge working together¬† with a purpose built talent pool from Previsor will help to maximise internal redeployment opportunities. I look forward to developing the project in Sunderland.

Career Sage is a professional and comprehensive outplacement service which supplies support at an earlier stage than many other outplacement providers. Our assistance with Sunderland City Council begins at the Consultation/’At risk’ stage of the process, allowing the provision of support and knowledge to the staff as soon as it is required. Our partnership approach means Ways HR Consulting and Sunderland City Council will work together to bespoke the Career Sage content to ensure the service and tools are tailored to match the needs of the staff involved.

For more information

Please contact Gary Hughes our Outplacement Business Manager for a confidential discussion about Career Sage: