Sunderland City Council in the media

The innovative approach to talent management taken by our partners in Sunderland City Council has been featured in a report published by the Audit Commission. Ways have been working in partnership with Sunderland for the past year and a half as the Council seek to negate redundancies in the midst of the public sector recession.

Career Sage in Sunderland

Sunderland have been using a bespoke version of our online outplacement and career management service, Career Sage, to assist affected members of staff. You can find out more about our work in Sunderland by reading our case study.

Audit Commission article

The paper published by the Audit Commission – ‘Work in progress: Meeting local needs with local workforce costs‘ – speaks about Sunderland’s programme in the context of good practice. There is also a more detailed case study, covering Sunderland’s SWITCH (Staff Working in Transition and Change) programme in more detail.

For more information

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  • Click here for the Audit Commission’s case study on Sunderland.
  • For more information on Career Sage click here.