Salary and Reward Benchmarking, Metropolitan Housing Trust

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  • In the 1950s Lady Molly Huggins started the Metropolitan Coloured People’s Association to provide good quality, affordable housing for immigrants from the West Indies.
  • The organisation was formally established as a housing association in 1963. It is now a group of organisations with over 30,000 homes.
  • The original aim of providing good quality, low cost housing remains the same, as does the commitment to London and the Midlands.

What did our client need?

  • This was our fifth assignment for Metropolitan Housing Trust and its predecessors.
  • We had already completed a benchmarking exercise for top posts.  Our client asked us to benchmark salary and reward for twenty-four lower scale posts (a representative sample).

How did we help?

  • We used a comparative exercise based on various national databases, including our own public sector reviews and current advertisements for similar posts in the public and private sectors.
  • We paid particular attention to regional rates and non-salary rewards.  And we produced figures for Upper and Lower Quartiles and Medians.
  • Our client prioritised collaboration and we met regularly for progress updates.

What challenges did we face?

  • Identifying sufficient comparators when a number of posts were atypical.
  • We conducted a detailed search for individual employers. We broadened our survey to compare and evaluate specific responsibilities where a total job comparison was not possible.
  • Precisely assessing posts.
  • We sourced a range of information from many contacts in the organisation.

What benefits did our client gain?

  • Our client received market rate information, applying their own salary scales to individual posts.
  • Transferred staff proved more likely to accept salaries determined on the basis of impartial, professionally-assessed advice.


Click here to read or download more about this Case Study