White Papers

Our aim is to provide you with interesting White Papers that are relevant to your business needs.  If you are facing a particular issue and would like to see that topic covered in future White Papers, please email us with your suggestions.

Transferring from the public sector to the private sector
Are you worried about having to make a career transition between sectors? We examine the misconceptions about the public sector and explain how your experience can benefit you in the private sector.

Reducing Headcount to Save Costs: Public Sector Options Appraisal
Paul Robertson, Head of Practice, outlines the different ways in which cost savings and headcount reductions can be achieved in the current financial climate.

The Public Sector Recession
Amanda Gee, one of our Senior Consultants, discusses the challenges faced by our colleagues in HR as the public sector recession looms large.

Workforce Planning for Public Sector Organisations
Paul Robertson, Head of Practice, gives an insight into the exercise of workforce planning and the barriers which face HR professionals during its implementation. You can also view our webinar on workforce planning by clicking here.

A Modernised Integrated HR Infrastucture
Senior Consultant Valerie Hearn demonstrates how, by building on Job Family Modelling, organisations are well-positioned to move towards a modernised and integrated HR infrastructure.

Reward in a Recession
Are you concerned about the impact or potential effect of the recession on your organisation? We offer advice to increase or maintain organisational strength and resolve in difficult times, avoiding long-term damage to your employee skills base.

Career Management: A Business Imperative
Andrea Metcalf,  Director of Training and Development, examines the benefits of an integrated Career Management approach, including retaining your best people and being seen as an employer of choice.

Reward Strategy: Building Block or Mental block
Is your organisation having to look carefully at managing pay and employment costs, as the economic situation worsens? We look at how to accurately benchmark pay and benefits against appropriate market and affordability levels.