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You can now watch recently recorded Ways HR Consulting webinars on demand  on our website.  Sign-up to our newsletter to keep up-to-date on recent additions.

Benefits of a bespoke Career Sage installation
(24 mins)

Following the partnership events with Sunderland City Council, held before Christmas, we have had a lot of interest in Career Sage and its use within the Council. This webinar is presented by Paul Robertson and John Prydderch and aims to give some more information about our involvement in Sunderland as well as explaining how the standard version of Career Sage has been tailored to suit the Sunderland programme of change.

If you have any specific queries regarding the bespoking process or would like a conversation about your own requirements please email enquiries@wayshrc.com.

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Workforce Planning for the Public Sector

(60 mins)

As organisations come under financial pressure, many are looking to Workforce Planning to deliver monetary savings. However if managed correctly it can also provide wider organisational benefits.  Includes Mark Leach from Weightmans solicitors discussing the latest legal issues around restructuring and reducing your workforce.  Click here to view

For a copy of a slide pack containing additional practical advice and further details of how we can help email enquiries@wayshrc.com

NEREO/PPMA 3rd Annual Equal Pay Conference
Stuck in a Rut? Modernising an organisation through Job Families
(35 mins)

Another chance to hear Paul Robertson’s presentation from the NEREO Equal Pay Conference on 22 September 2009. Paul explains how introducing Job Families, following completion of a lengthy job evaluation process, can achieve wider organisational benefits. Click to view


Job Family ModellingJob Family ModellingA modern and pragmatic approach to defining roles and reward structures
(Part 1 – 36mins) (Part 2 -7mins)

Head of Practice, Paul Robertson and Senior Consultant, Valerie Hearn examine how the benefits of Job Families can be utilised whether you are still to complete single status pay or have already implemented it.
Click to view:     Part 1 Part 2



Managing Reward in a Recession
(30 mins)

Roger Down, Director of Reward Services, provides real insights and practical advice on how to maximise the benefit of your employee spend, without breaking the emotional contract with your employees or losing their engagement.  Click to view


Tips for Playback

Ways HR Consulting webinars are streamed directly from our website meaning there is no need to download software onto your hard drive, you just need to ensure your browser is Java-enabled for Active X controls.

Once the Webex player has loaded you can use the buttons in the top right hand corner to view the video panel of the presenters, and to move between chapters.

For the best user experience we recommend using headphones and turning the volume on your PC up to the maximum.