Webinar: Introduction to Outplacement for the Public Sector

A free webinar to find out how you can  support staff leaving your organisation.

Providing an outplacement service for leavers, whilst best practice in the private sector, is now becoming more relevant for the public sector.

With this free webinar, you can find out what outplacement is and how it works, along with new, cost-effective methods of providing this as a service and why forward-thinking organisations are implementing it.

To be hosted from 9.30am on Wednesday 16th December - during this one-hour webinar you will learn:

  • What the business case is for public sector outplacement
  • How workforce planning integrates with outplacement
  • How it applies to leavers taking early or semi-retirement
  • New web services which are making low-cost, quality outplacement advice possible

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New online career management service …

The webinar includes a live demonstration of a new innovative online career management tool developed specifically for the public sector.

It provides a comprehensive support programme for staff leaving an organisation, and includes specialist advice and support for those considering semi or early retirement, and redployment within the public service environment.

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