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Why is Redundancy Support important?

  • In the current climate it is important that HR staff and managers are supported through managing the required redundancy process to minimise the risk of costly Employment Tribunal Claims and the stresses on the staff dealing with the process.
  • It should be an integrated approach with HR staff and managers playing a  essential role in an effective and compliant redundancy process.
  • We can ensure that due process is followed and provide effective solutions to what can be an emotional and highly stressful situation.
  • Our support not only manages the people risk element of redundancy, but also the issues of continued staff development.

We can help you to…

Train and support HR Staff in the legal complexities of managing the redundancy process.

Redundancy ManagementThis includes:

  • How to manage the ‘at risk’ stage.
  • How to conduct consultation meetings.
  • Ensuring correct procedures are followed when employee representatives are elected
  • Providing specific scripts for consultation meetings to ensure compliance.
  • Providing all appropriate legal letters at each stage of the process and communications to ensure compliance with the redundancy rules.
  • How to complete a fair selection criteria.
  • How to manage the emotional rollercoaster which accompanies redundancy.
  • Dealing with appeals.
  • Providing your organisation with an audit trail of the process for each employee.

Overcoming the common pitfalls

  • We can work with you and advise on the available courses of action to identify a concise and rational solution to employee cost savings with workforce planning.
  • However, if redundancy is the outcome, we can guide you through the process to help with:

1. Ensuring Legal compliance.

2. Minimising the impact on those most affected.

3. Keep your remaining staff motivated and driven.

4. Minimising costly unfair dismissal cases.

5. Reduce the emotional impact.

  • It is essential to get the right advice and guidance so that the HR staff and managers are properly supported.  This will ensure that your employees get the very best redundancy support.
  • Compensation claims can run into thousands of pounds and take up huge amounts of management time. Being unaware of the law and processes is no defence against unfair dismissal claims.
  • We can provide immediate assistance with understanding your obligations as an employer, or creating and implementing a redundancy procedure.

Our expertise enables you to…

  • Make the right decisions concerning your employees.
  • Minimise compulsory redundancies.
  • Minimise negative PR.
  • Send the right message to those staff left behind.
  • Support  and enable HR staff and managers responsible for the management of the redundancy process.
  • Minimise the risk of Employment tribunal claims.
  • Equip your staff with knowledge of the legal obligations.
  • Empower your staff to say the right thing at the right time

Our support and guidance

  • Facilitating integrated strategyWorking with your HR staff and managers to integrate your own internal policies and procedures into the training and redundancy processes to ensure compliance with terms and conditions and collective agreements.
  • Communication, management and complianceUsing specially designed templates to ensure all communication with employees is compliant and clear.Providing an audit trail to give a belt and braces approach, ensuring the people risk element of the process is managed effectively.
  • Bespoke seminars and workshops for HR and ManagersThese can include an overview of methodology for the redundancy and HR processes and ‘up skilling’ participants.
  • Coaching and mentoring – This can include ongoing support via telephone and email until the redundancy process is concluded.

We can help and support your organisation through this difficult period…

  • As HR professionals we have years of experience in applying practical solutions to redundancy issues.
  • We can provide you with effective solutions and advice, which are cost effective and available when you most need them.
  • Not only can we equip your staff to deal with redundancy in a compliant way, but we provide step by step guidance to managing the redundancy process.
  • We can support your staff throughout, giving them the confidence to deal with a highly emotive issue and allowing you piece of mind that the process is compliant.
  • Our advice could save you thousands of pounds and helps you avoid costly and stressful mistakes.

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