Career Sage

We have considerable experience in human resources, outplacement and recruitment for your employees to draw upon.

Our high-quality outplacement services blend training methods and mediums, tools and subject matter to satisfy your employees’ varied learning styles and requirements.

We offer numerous delivery options to match any budget. This includes our free online programme or more intensive one to one support. Any solution can be blended to service your requirements.

Our services

Career Sage, our online outplacement programme, contains hundreds of content pages, specially developed career tools and many more related content links to additional sources of information. Available as standard or personalised bespoke versions.

Training your staff to deliver support
In these times of austerity, organisations are looking for the most cost effective way of assisting their employees. We can provide a full outplacement toolkit, training your own staff to deliver face to face services in house.

Group sessions
Our redundancy and outplacement management services benefit all staff through providing specialist group learning sessions on common needs and issues.

We can provide expert and intensive support to individuals catered to their personal needs. This service is provided by expert career coaches.

We have a partnership with Cavendish Films to provide their range of career support films. These cover subjects from interview techniques to CV tips and feature a wealth of support from industry experts.

Support for Managers
We have a range of training sessions for managers who are having to manage change. Critically this also includes essential compliance.