Outplacement, Financial Services

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  • Our client, a financial services organisation, undertook an acquisition which led to restructuring and a number of individuals being made redundant.
  • Our service matched the organisation’s values. They wanted all leavers to have the best chance of finding another opportunity.
  • They also wanted their approach to enable remaining employees to feel supported and valued.

What did our client need?

  • An Outplacement service to help leavers (at various levels) depart with a more positive feeling towards their former employer;
  • The opportunity for those remaining to assess skills and career direction;
  • A modular approach that met individual needs;
  • Access to qualified career coaches; and
  • A service that provided best value for money.

How did we help?

  • Our tailored programme involved seminars and one-to-one coaching, alongside telephone and email support.
  • The modular-format seminars covered: self assessments of skills and career needs; applying for roles from start to finish of the process.
  • Senior individuals gained access to a career coach who worked with them on next steps, including setting up in business, and career changes.

What challenges did we face?

  • Our qualified, fully accredited facilitator used a profiling tool as the foundation of the Executive programme.
  • People were upset to lose their jobs from a company they were passionate about.
  • By using trained and experienced consultants who have been through redundancy themselves, we provided empathy and practicality.
  • Participants were scared about finding new jobs during bleak financial times (early-to-mid 2009).
  • We emphasised the application of tools and techniques, helping them to stand out from the crowd

What benefits did our client(s) gain?

  • Participants felt equipped to gain new roles. Many were successful within a short time-span, despite the recession.
  • Individuals looked at their skill sets to regain a sense of self-worth. This gave them the confidence to successfully apply for roles, externally and internally.

Assistant Accountant:

  • “Just to let you know I got the job I went for last¬† week – not bad for my first interview. Thanks once again for all your help.”

Head of Department:

  • “Support, practical advice and outside of the box discussions gave me the confidence to apply for roles outside of my comfort zone.¬† With your help I am about to embark on a whole new career and am beyond excited!”


Click here to read or download more about this Case Study