Outplacement Developments

We are excited to announce developments to our Outplacement offering.  Through our work with 4meVentures we have developed an online tool, careerplan4.me.

To discuss online Outplacement for your organisation, please contact:

The provision has been compiled by leading industry professionals from outplacement, recruitment and e-learning.

Users access online self-analysis tools, helping them to identify transferable skills.  They learn how to target employers effectively; and the secrets behind an attractive CV.

It features partnerships with LinkedIn for networking with important contacts; and Skype for job searching and opening skills to the international market.

It has been selected by the Department for Work and Pensions to help supply career advice and job search support for newly unemployed professionals.

If you are a newly out-of-work professional click here to register for careerplan4.me.

Click here to read more about our involvement with 4meVentures.

For any more information please contact Andrea Metcalf:

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