Management Development

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What is effective Leadership?

  • In changing times clear, inspiring leadership becomes ever more important. Your workforce, however capable and motivated, will not succeed without clear direction, vision and a good example to aspire to.
  • Many leaders are promoted due to their technical competence. But their people skills might not be at the same level. This can impact on profitability.
  • To succeed at a senior level, management and leadership skills and behaviours, as well as commercial business skills, are essential.

We can help you to…

  • Develop people-focused leadership skills (helps retain the right employees, improve productivity);
  • Maximise the value of your people spend;
  • Embed solutions with transferred knowledge, avoiding ‘consultant dependency’.

The process

  • Establishing the development need. This can include designing and delivering development centres, based on valuable competencies.
  • Using profiling and various diagnostics, such as conflict management, emotional intelligence, problem solving and innovation.
  • Designing briefing and marketing materials to promote the programme internally.
  • Taking a multimedia approach to development, including videos, actors and blended learning.
  • Offering Institute of Leadership and Management accredited programmes or an organisationally specific ILM endorsement or award.
  • Administrating and managing work-based projects online; facilitating action learning sets.
  • Coaching individuals: transferring learning to work.

Our expertise enables you to…

  • Deliver a leadership programme with clear learning objectives which relate to your organisational needs;
  • Develop innovative solutions to development needs relevant to your context;
  • Embed models and techniques for a standardised approach to leadership, using a toolkit and practical, real-life based exercises;
  • Develop a coaching / mentoring programme to offer tailored individual development; and
  • Evaluate your programmes to evidence results on investment.

“Always relevant, engaging and fun, tailored to our needs and concerns. Everything we’ve addressed has been helpful and linked to practical application – instantly useable.”
         Participant, Amnesty International UK


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Click here to read or download more about ‘Management Development’