Job Family Modelling for Local Authorities – 20 May at 3.30pm

New pay and grading, and major people management advances

Job Families can be used whether you are still to complete single status pay or have already implemented it.

Please join us for this FREE one-hour webinar specifically for Local Authority HR Directors to find out how we can help your organisation.

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If you are still to complete your process

We recommend Job Family Modelling as a pragmatic, much less expensive alternative to mass Job Evaluation, with many additional benefits.

Our Job Family Allocation © process, a factor-based, fully analytical approach, allocates roles to generic profiles in a Job Family structure, giving:

  • Effective pay and grading with equal value compliance; and
  • Modernised and simple descriptions of work.

If you have completed single status and achieved equal value pay compliance

We can advise you on maximising the opportunities for major advances in organisational performance and people management, while maintaining compliant pay structures by using Job Families and Job Family Allocation ©.

Ways HR Consulting’s approach to Job Family Modelling, including our unique Job Family Allocation © process, has delivered pay structures and other benefits for nine UK Councils so far.

We invite you to take up this opportunity to discover the many benefits Job Family Modelling and Ways HR Consulting can provide for your organisaiton.

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Speaker Profiles

Paul Robertson
Head of Practice

Paul’s eight years of management consulting experience includes being instrumental in developing and implementing JFM in the public sector.

Valerie Hearn
Senior Consultant

Valerie’s years of experience in strategic HR and former career in Canada brings a cross fertilisation with North American Job Family Modelling best practice, focusing on the public sector.