Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)

ILM is the European market leader in management and leadership qualifications, registering over 85,000 learners annually.

  • Their success has been built on the quality and variety of programmes. Any development undertaken which is recognised by ILM acknowledges this.
  • Quality assurance is paramount to their continuing success; this aspect is taken very seriously.

ILM is founded on the principle that skilled managers and leaders hold the key to creating productive workforces that deliver organisational and economic success.

  • The qualifications aim to enable learners to build their leadership and management skills and knowledge, while gaining recognition for their professional achievements.
  • Because assessments within the qualifications are practical, the learning is transferred directly to the work environment, resulting in immediate benefits for organisation and individual.

ILM training activities have been quality assured, through formal qualifications or more bespoke development or endorsed programmes.

  • All accredited programme managers and facilitators are quality assured to ensure they have relevant operational management experience, plus technical training and development.
  • This philosophy is also at the heart of Ways HR Consulting.
  • It ensures development focuses on practical and transferable learning that adds real value to individuals and organisations.