Free PPMA workshop – Reducing headcount and limiting redundancies

What is being achieved by career management
and redeployment in Sunderland City Council?

The pressure on the public sector as result of funding cuts have led to commentators predicting around half a million redundancies across the country.

Reducing jobs is largely seen as inevitable but some Councils and other Public Sector organisations are maintaining a position of attempting to avoid compulsory redundancies. With turnover rates around 3-8% over 3 years, jobs savings could equate to a large proportion of the job losses.

Free best practice workshop

PPMAOn 1 February 2011 at 2.30-5.00pm,  PPMA and Ways HR Consulting are hosting a free workshop that will:

  • Present a case study of how Sunderland Council is using radical redeployment and career management to fulfil a commitment of ‘no redundancies’.
  • Provide examples of how new approaches to career management can encourage both voluntary turnover and support workforce flexibility.
  • Discuss different approaches to workforce planning.
  • Facilitate a discussion about the HR implications of this approach. This includes questions about investment, implications for operational managers and whether it constitutes good practice.

Confirmed guest speaker

Speaking at the event will be Sue Stanhope, Head of HR & OD at Sunderland City Council. Sue will be presenting a case study explaining her organisation’s innovative approach to managing the financial pressures affecting the public sector.


The free workshop will be taking place at Ways HR Consulting’s offices in central Manchester.


To reserve your free place and for further details please contact or telephone 0870 890 9882.

(Places are limited to allow full discussion and may be limited to 2 participants per authority).