Executive Pay Review, South Yorkshire Police

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  • South Yorkshire Police is the 13th largest of the 44 police forces in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • It polices Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield, covering 600 square miles.
  • The Force consists of 3,160 police and over 2,500 police staff. They are supported by 245 special constables and more than 350 police community support officers (PCSO’s).

What did our client need?

  • Our client asked Ways HR Consulting to undertake an independent and expert review of salaries for senior non-uniform staff.
  • They required provisional formal evaluation of the roles using formal job evaluation methodology.
  • This involved full dialogue taking place between the post holders and Ways HR Consulting’s independent and expert job analysts.
  • As well having expert job evaluation and access to pay data, the organisation sought advice and guidance on interpreting this detail in the context of achieving an effective approach to reward.

How did we help?

  • We facilitated job analysis interviews with the post holders to draft and agree formal written job analysis reports. These were produced by Ways HR Consulting’s job analysts.
  • Once agreed, the jobs were evaluated using a formal evaluation method.
  • The provisional evaluations and job analysis reports were then ratified with the Deputy Chief Constable and Director of Finance.
  • We then benchmarked salaries with multiple pay markets and provided recommendations on overall pay policy and operational arrangements.
  • We advised both on policy, implementation and communications.

What challenges did we face?

  • The project required a high degree of professional collaboration with senior post holders.

We worked in partnership with our client throughout the process. Post holders prioritised the meetings with our consultants. The job analysts established professional credibility and made efforts to ensure that participation was open, honest and positive.

  • Internal relativities needed to be understood in order to produce transparency and consistency in the job evaluations and subsequent reward recommendations.

Our consultants were briefed on the roles and organisational structure prior to the meetings. They were able to utilise prior experience of similar roles and other Police and public sector organisations to develop and inform understanding. Reports and recommendations were therefore seen as relevant and credible by the organisation.

What benefits did our client gain?

  • The necessary corrections were made to the Force’s internal relativities to ensure that recommendations were seen as fair and reasonable.
  • A simple pay structure was put in place to accommodate the Force’s current pay practice based on a new and appropriate grade and band structure.
  • The bonus arrangements to certain roles were¬† clarified and aligned with other roles within the senior team.
  • A senior pay structure and pay policy was recommended which aligned both with pay policy and was seen as acceptable by participants and other senior stakeholders.


Click here to read or download more about this case study