Job Family Modelling, Sheffield City Council

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  • Sheffield was known during the 19th Century for its production of steel.  It gained city status in 1893 and now has a population of 525,800.
  • The city has around 227,000 houses. Its thriving cultural and creative industries sector accounts for 7.2% of the working population.
  • In 2004, Sheffield’s economy was worth £7.8bn.

What did our client need?

  • UK councils are required to operate with single status pay arrangements.
  • Our client wanted to address their equal value pay responsibilities while building the foundations for a modernised workforce strategy through effective pay and grading.
  • We provided a solution to defining roles using Job Family Modelling.

How did we help?

  • Through workshops, and in collaboration with the Council, we developed a Job Family Architecture and generic role profiles. 
  • We facilitated the job evaluation process and provided: pay modelling; project management, including briefing sessions, project boards and meetings with the trade unions; and Job Evaluation and Job Allocation training to managers, HR staff and trade unions. 
  • In addition, we produced a lot of documents: the allocation toolkit, briefings, advice and guidance notes.
  • We also assisted with communications and developed a guide for managers.

What challenges did we face?

  • The project exceeded the Council’s original timescales.
  • We made it clear in the contract that we felt these timescales to be ambitious.  All workshops and training sessions were delivered to our more realistic timescales.
  • Working with all stakeholders.
  • At the start, managers and the trade unions were involved in the process. The trade unions subsequently withdrew as they had major concerns regarding the job family approach. We attempted to help our client resolve these however unlike with other Local Authority clients we did not succeed in developing a partnership approach. The trade unions in Sheffield remain very critical of the job family approach.

What benefits did our client gain?

  • Identified equal value risks had led to some compensation payments being made.  Our work provides a reward framework that aims to prevent the need for further payments.
  • Job Family Modelling delivered a reward framework as a pragmatic alternative to a massive job evaluation exercise and the costs involved.

“Communication has always been prompt and helpful… I would definitely recommend Ways HR Consulting.”
      Cheryl Blackett, Head of Corporate OD Sheffield City Council


Click here to read or download more about this Case Study