Customer Relationship Management, Criminal Records Bureau

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  • The CRB, an Executive Agency of the Home Office, was established under Part V of the Police Act 1997 and was launched in March 2002.
  • The service provides wider access to criminal record information.
  • This enables organisations in all sectors to make safer recruitment decisions by identifying candidates who may be unsuitable for certain work.

What did our client need?

  • Our client wanted to implement an efficient Customer Relationship Management system.
  • We worked with HR and training departments throughout the Criminal Records Bureau and thirty-four associated regional police forces.
  • Our client’s trainers had a wealth of knowledge, but worried about the transition to a new culture.

How did we help?

  • We worked alongside IT to create the right training environment for implementing the CRM system.
  • The project adhered to PRINCE2 methodologies.
  • We supported the telephony training package design, in line with the chosen IVR system, and scripted the voice recognition software.

Our training involved:

  • Basic and advanced customer care skills;
  • Processes and procedures (including procedure writing);
  • Legislation and regulation; and
  • Systems and telephony training.

What challenges did we face?

  • Managing the project for thirty-four police forces.
  • A logistical analysis revealed the best training options, including venue and training channels.  We also designed a ScreenCam as a contingency plan for the system training.
  • Taking the project forward.
  • We handed the training over to internal teams.  This involved extensive ‘train the trainer’ activities and shadowing.

What benefits did our client gain?

  • Evaluations recorded high satisfaction levels.
  • Each staff-member was comprehensively trained prior to ‘going live’.  Our client asserted that we had the most complete project plan of any strand.
  • All training systems remain in place for future use.
  • There is now a close link between recruitment drives and training plans.
  • We have also embedded customer care skills.
  • The planned interface between CRB and regional police forces was able to go ahead.


  • Andrea Metcalf, Director of Training and Outplacement; or
  • Laurence Hoefkens, Director of Business Development
  • 0870 890 9882

Click here to read or download more about this Case Study