Employee Engagement

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What is Employee Engagement?

  • Employee engagement affects everything, from retention and productivity to profitability and safety.
  • It is critical at every level, regardless of industry sector or geographical location. Why? Because engagement is all about people.
  • Happy employees who are realising their own potential experience high levels of morale and motivation. This leads to greater personal and organisational success.

We can help you to…

  • Manage the disparity between various and sometimes conflicting individual needs within your workforce.

Good employee engagement leads to:

  • Higher task rates with greater accuracy;
  • Innovation and creativity;
  • Better employee stress management;
  • More harmonious teamwork; and
  • Greater staff capacity to acquire new skills.

The process

  • Our model has an associated diagnostic questionnaire that maps engagement factors onto questions.
  • The questionnaire can be completed by staff (current, potential or former) online, by post or through interview.

We can:

  • Distribute the questionnaire and collate the responses;
  • Undertake individual telephone or face to face interviews (either targeted for more detail by the initial questionnaire results or as an alternative to the questionnaire);
  • Explore any factors in greater depth using interviews and focus groups; and
  • Analyse the findings of the data and make recommendations on proven enhancements to policy and practice.

Our expertise enables you to…

  • Understand the ‘psychological contract’: the factors beyond pay that engage employees; and
  • Navigate some of the tricky issues facing modern employers, including: portfolio careers; work-life balance; and decreasing employee and employer commitment.


Click here to read or download more about ‘Employee Engagement’