Career Management

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What is Career Management?

  • People like to feel secure in an organisation while able to build a career and move within it. They often give more – and you tap into their talents.
  • Successful organisations therefore offer strong development opportunities, emphasising career goals and skill levels, with transferability.
  • Career Management can be part of talent management or succession planning, encouraging a proactive approach to career planning and engagement.

We can help you to…

  • Bring your employees’ personal and career goals into focus;
  • Identify and communicate the internal opportunities for ideal moves; and
  • Make all employees feel valued and respected, and a part of the organisation moving forward.

The process

  • We mix face to face and online services, catering for different learning needs. We always keep your budget and other requirements in mind.
  • Our managerial grade provision is framed on a competency-based model.
  • Seminars and workshops: In modular format, allowing you to ‘pick and mix’.
  • Career coaching (including executive level): Our coaching provision can sit alongside seminars.
  • The programme is unique to each organisation and focuses on each individual’s career goals.
  • At executive level, the focus for our bespoke coaching plan is identified at an initial meeting.

Our expertise enables you to…

  • Design programmes and support structures which allow you to maximise employees engagement;
  • Encourage individuals to think about what they can offer the organisation rather than getting stuck;
  • Support wider personal-effectiveness programmes (e.g.) 360-degree appraisal or development centres; and
  • Maximise development during times of restructure, merger and acquisition, offering a good outplacement service if required.

“The work done by Ways HR Consulting was excellent. The quality of the evaluation has given us a clear understanding of the programme.”
        HR Manager, a large, non-departmental public body


Click here to read or download more about ’Career Management’