Assessment and Development

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Why is Assessment and Development important?

  • Good assessment practices help you to attract and hire the right people, from the beginning: defining roles and selection criteria, to the final stage: providing full, competency based feedback.
  • Future development needs are identified at the selection stage, helping individuals and managers to increase productivity and impact earlier.
  • Development centres ensure the right people are promoted.  They also create opportunities for feedback on development areas, helping to motivate your workforce and retain high performers.

We can help you to…

  • Determine the best assessment tools for the competencies and skills you wish to assess;
  • Identify selection criteria and the most effective tools / tests to use in the selection process; and
  • Objectively assess individuals in line with industry and market conditions, expectations and best practice.

The process

Ability testing

  • Candidates interpret data from various types of info. Predicts on-the-job performance.

Personality profiling

  • Indicates potential behaviour. Can align individual and organisational cultural preferences.

Other assessment types

  • Written exercises include ‘in-tray’ exercises or case studies; Interactive exercises include presentations, role-plays or group exercises.

Assessment centre

  • Various exercises. Shows candidates’ skills and competencies. Used for rigorous assessment of many applicants or single high value roles.

We also…

  • Design competency frameworks; create role profiles; and provide coaching for new roles.
  • Post-assessment we administer and score all exercises, and give full verbal or written feedback.

Our expertise enables you to…

  • Use comprehensive psychometric tools, including role-relevant ability, skill and personality tests;
  • Operate an online process: when we are informed of a short listed candidate, we can register them;
  • Receive valid input.  Reassuringly, our assessment consultants are fully qualified by the British Psychological Society to use psychometric tests.

“The staff at Ways HR Consulting, working closely with us, grew to know our business and were able to add value to our planning and execution.”
         Peter Lauris, Sales Director, Medicash


Click here to read or download more about ’Assessment and Development’