Post-single status

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Achieving the OD benefits of Job Families and role profiles

  • If your organisation, like many local authorities, has undertaken a lengthy job evaluation exercise to achieve single status and equal value compliant pay, it now has an effective foundation for introducing a Job Family Framework.
  • A growing number of local authorities are introducing Job Families and role profiles to describe work in their organisations and we can assist you to utilise your job evaluation study to maintain your pay structures and achieve the associated OD benefits of Job Families.
  • A detailed example cost proposal is available; please email to request a copy.

Why introduce Job Families and role profiles?

Introducing a Job Family framework will:

  • Improve organisational design.
  • Allow flexible and adaptable staff deployment using the Role profilesrole profiles as building blocks to restructure.
  • Provide the opportunity to introduce and focus on competencies for recruiting and developing staff.
  • Provide a  clear framework for staff highlighting desired outputs and define the skills and competencies needed for progression.
  • Enable advances in succession planning .
  • Maintain and clarify the reward structure without the demands and limitations of mass individual job analysis and evaluation.

For a more information on the benefits of job families download our white paper.

A typical process

All implementation depends on your circumstances.  We work in close partnership at all times. A typical process involves:

  • Phase one: Developing  a Job Family Framework
    Establishing the number and type of families required.  This can  be  undertaken as a technical exercise by consultants or HR leads, or as a participative activity in a workshop involving key stakeholders.
  • Phase two: Implementation of the framework
    Designing the role profiles utilising existing job evaluation work and reward structures.  This can be undertaken by our consultants or we can provide a training workshop to enable generic role profiles to be written by internal HR professionals.

    • Internal Consultation. We can provide assistance with collective or individual meetings to gain agreement to profiles.
    • Communication. We can advise on the development of an overall communications strategy, deliver briefings and communication materials.
    • Planning and Quality Control.  A nominated Project Director co-ordinates all aspects of our contribution to the project and will flex to your process requirement.

Why choose us?

  • A strong track record of delivering Job Family projects to local authorities.
  • Our experience tells us that role profiles and families are 75% similar across local authorities. We have built a unique database of local authority job family architectures, role profiles and conventions. Utilising this allow us to provide a cost-effective solution.