Our unique track record

Our extensive experience of delivering Job Family Modelling projects to large, complex organisations has led to the development of unique intellectual property which is a specific and key benefit of working with us.

1. The Ways HR Consulting Job Family Allocation Tool©

  • In order to address compliance with the requirements of Section 1.5 of the Equal Pay Act, when an individual role is assigned to a generic role profile, it needs to be done in an analytical manner.  Ways HR Consulting have developed a means of achieving this, namely the Ways HR Consulting Job Family Allocation Tool©.
  • The allocation tool is subject to copyright and is not available to any other consultancies. It has been subject to formal legal review and a process of development and adaptation.

2. The utilisation of a unique data base of job family architectures, role profiles and conventions.

  • Our track record has left a legacy of proven intellectual property which uniquely enables a project methodology based on iteration and bespoke deployment of ‘what works’ – as opposed to a much more expensive and time consuming process of developing the same essential components of a job family approach from scratch.

3. Unique track record

  • Our specific track record has provided a wide and unique range of experiences and associated experiential learning of the various stages of making such a project work.
  • A detailed breakdown described against the stages of a project is available on request, email john.prydderch@wayshrc.com.
  • No other consultancy has a track record of undertaking these types of job family projects in this way.