Leadership Job Families

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Achieving the benefits of Job Families and role profiles in determining leadership pay arrangements

We can help you to:

  • Design a leadership Job Family, describing the levels and nature of work.
  • Produce role profiles which provide clarity, flexibility and a vehicle for implementing competencies.
  • Utilise our existing and proven leadership competencies.
  • Design a grade structure based on a clear pay philosophy and structure for  leadership roles.
  • Achieve Equal Value compliant job measurement.
  • Use a factor-based allocation tool and approach to allocating individual roles to the new profiles, which will align to your desired approach on pay grades.
  • Model the pay implications of allocation results and provide final advice on grade design.

Leadership FamilyWe recommend a process which…

  • Reviews your existing structures and relevant job information.
  • Creates a leadership family based on a continuity approach with your existing Job Family structures.
  • Extends your existing grade structure, to create a modern and effective structure for senior roles.
  • Analyses leadership pay based on a shared understanding of what will work and be acceptable for you.

The process

All implementation depends on your circumstances.  We work in close partnership at all times. A typical process involves:

Stage one – Reviewing the existing arrangements for leadership reward including:

  • Reviewing examples of current employment contracts.
  • Examining tangible rewards and relevant expenses

Stage two- Benchmarking the current arrangements including:

  • Quantitative benchmarking based on available tangible rewards in particular pay.
  • Qualitative analysis based on deploying our expertise in pay arrangements, market trends and case study experience

Stage three- Initial reporting of benchmarks and analysis:

  • Confirming or extending your understanding of your current arrangements and those of your competitors.
  • Review of the analysis and its relevance for providing a potential evidence-base for change.

Stage four- Option appraisal:

  • Based on a joint discussion of the initial analysis, we will develop a series of options for modernising leadership pay.
  • Provision of a written report where all options will be costed and appraised.
  • Technical appraisal but which considers the people management and political implications of any associated changes.

Our expertise enables you to…

  • Determine your leadership pay needs in a modern, integrated and equal value compliant manner.
  • Implement a pay philosophy that will align with a fit-for-purpose leadership culture for the future.
  • Introduce competencies, career management approaches and other advances where modern job definition enables workforce planning and improved people management.