Job Family Modelling

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What is Job Family Modelling?

  • Job Family Modelling is a type of grading system that divides jobs into coherent groups based on shared characteristics.
  • Typically we replace hundreds, even thousands of individual job descriptions with a much smaller number of flexible and focused role profiles.
  • The role profiles capture key accountabilities, typical skills and critical behaviours or competencies.
  • Competencies are the factors that enable an employee to perform his or her job better; their motives, values and traits.

We can help you to…

  • Clarify your operations by focusing on key types of work rather than individual jobs;
  • Increase staff flexibility by removing the ‘silo’ mentality characteristic of traditional job descriptions;
  • Support individual development by highlighting desired outputs and define the skills and competencies needed for progression; and
  • Avoid a lengthy and costly job evaluation process.

The process

  • All implementation depends on your circumstances.  We work in close partnership at all times. A typical process involves:
  • Stage one: Your detailed briefing on strategy requirements.
  • Stage two: Reviewing current roles and descriptors.
  • Stage three: Reviewing and, as necessary, developing a competency framework aligned with your new strategy and culture.
  • Stage four: Arranging job families, agreed with senior managers.
  • Stage five:
  • Designing each family in detail.
  • Agreeing work levels.
  • Drafting detailed role profiles, including allocating key competencies.
  • Signing off final versions.

The Ways Job Family Allocation Tool ©

Our provision includes access to our unique allocation tool.  The allocator:

  • Assesses the most appropriate Job Family for a job to be assigned to.
  • Uses his or her knowledge of the job to analyse it against the predetermined critical factors that differentiate between each Job Family level.
  • Decides upon the most appropriate Job Family level, allocating the job to the corresponding role profile for that level.

Our expertise enables you to…

  • Support your employees during periods of change, merger and rapid growth;
  • Restructure, using the role profiles as building blocks; and
  • Implement effective pay and grading structures which are equal value compliant.

Client Testimonial

“Communication has always been prompt and helpful. Paul and his colleagues have always made themselves available within a reasonable timescale.”

“The project has been delivered within budget and I would definitely recommend Ways HR Consulting.”
         Cheryl Blackett, Head of Corporate OD, Sheffield City Council


Click here to read or download more about ‘Job Family Modelling’