Job Family Modelling

Our unique approach to Job Family Modelling (including Ways HR allocation tool©) can help your organisation to implement job families based on generic descriptions of work whilst ensuring equal value compliance.

Our approach provides:

  • The full benefits of job families, including modernised and simple descriptions of work .
  • A pragmatic alternative to mass job evaluation exercises.
  • Effective pay and grading structures with an equal value compliant process.
  • A foundation for modernised people management.

Key features include:

  • Alleviate the need for detailed written individual job descriptions for single or multiple incumbent jobs.
  • Reduce the consequential requirement to evaluate all individually identified jobs.
  • Take advantage of an analytical allocation (matching) process to improve speed and consistency.
  • Optimise time, resources and cost of the technical job evaluation exercise, without a detrimental impact upon the outcome.

We have a proven track record in designing and implementing Job Family structures for large, complex organisations. Drawing on our unique intellectual property is a specific benefit of working with us.

Job Family Modelling Services

To discuss Job Family Modelling for your organisation, please contact Amanda Gee on 01422 316535.

  • Job Family Modelling
    Using Job Families and generic profiles in the context of modern and equal value compliant pay structures.
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  • Leadership job families
    Achieving the benefits of Job Families and role profiles in determining leadership pay arrangements.
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  • Local Government – Post-single status
    Implementing job families for organisational design benefits following single status.
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  • Private sector
    Implementing job families for organisational design benefits following a job evaluation exercise.
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