Fair Pay – Hutton Review

  • Executive Pay in the Public Sector has attracted much media attention.
  • Additionally, the Hutton review of fair pay in the Public Sector called for fair and transparent processes for deciding the weight and scope of executive roles and appropriate levels of pay.

In our publication ‘Fair and transparent Executive Pay – Responding to the Hutton Review‘¬†we detail Hutton’s main recommendations for Public Sector organisations, their implications and how we can assist.

We can help you to:

Review your approach to Executive Pay to demonstrate your pay levels are fair and appropriate based on:

  • The weight of individual role.
  • The performance of individuals.
  • A comparison with similar roles in other organisations.

Our approach provides:

Transparency and trust that your arrangements have been independently scrutinised; as well as:

  • Information, advice and analysis for those overseeing the arrangements.
  • Credible, informative, fully transparent reports for the public.
  • Advice on developments and improvements needed to comply with best practice.

Key features include:

  • An independent external audit of your senior pay arrangements.
  • Help with preparation for public disclosure requirements.
  • A reward framework compliant with Hutton’s Fair Pay Code that can be used to inform individual remuneration decisions readily updated.
  • Establishing accurate salary benchmarks.
  • Introducing and performance pay systems and performance management programmes.

The process:

A partnership approach with the Commissioners will define the specific requirement for process and outcomes.

Processes vary dependent on the degree of analysis already undertaken.

  • Formally defined roles and pay structures:
    • Audit existing arrangements for scrutiny purposes.
  • Less well established pay structure:
    • Fundamental analysis of roles.
    • Benchmarking of salaries.
    • Review of reward policies and associated terms

Why choose us?

  • Ways HR Consulting is a specialist fully independent consultancy.
  • We have a breadth of experience and associated external credibility.
  • Our consultants are expert users of all pay data sources and job evaluation methodology.