Suppliers to Public Sector

Responsibilities for Public Sector suppliers following the Hutton Pay Review

  • The Hutton Review calls for fair and transparent processes for deciding the weight and scope of executive roles in the Public Sector.
  • Hutton’s recommendations are also likely to impact on Private Sector organisations who supply to the Public Sector.
  • It is possible some will be incorporated into formal procurement processes.

In our publication ‘Fair and transparent Executive Pay – Responsibilities for Public Sector suppliers following the Hutton Pay Review‘¬†we detail how you can gain competitive advantage over other suppliers by evidencing voluntary compliance with the Fair Pay Code now.

We can help you to:

  • Improve competiveness by providing an independent certified Audit certificate which can be attached to your tenders bid.
  • Ensure compliance with the Fair Pay Code and Hutton’s Fair Pay Principles.

Our approach provides:

  • An independent external audit of your senior pay arrangements.
  • Help with preparation for public disclosure requirements.
  • Advice on how to make a pay framework compliant with Hutton’s Fair Pay Principles.

Key features include:

  • Certified evidence that allows you to differentiate when competing for Public Sector contracts.
  • Advice on the issues of new and potentially competing requirements on disclosures.
  • A review of your pay processes prior to an eventual formal audit.

The process:

A partnership approach with the Commissioners will define the specific requirement for process and outcomes.

Processes vary dependent on the degree of analysis already undertaken.

  • Formally defined roles and pay structures:
    • Audit existing arrangements for scrutiny purposes.
  • Less well established pay structure:
    • Fundamental analysis of roles.
    • Benchmarking of salaries.
    • Review of reward policies and associated terms.

Why choose us?

  • Ways HR Consulting is a specialist fully independent consultancy.
  • We have a breadth of experience and associated external credibility.
  • Our consultants are expert users of all pay data sources and job evaluation methodology.