Executive Pay

Fair Pay in the Public Sector

Executive Pay in the public sector has attracted extensive recent media coverage. In March 2011, Will Hutton published the Final Report of his Independent Review into Fair Pay in the Public Sector, along with his recommendations for Government.

Hutton’s review requires transparency in setting senior pay to allow the public to hold public organisations to account. The recommendations have implications for the pay arrangements of Public Sector organisations and their suppliers. As independent auditors, Ways HR Consulting can review your arrangements from an external perspective to ensure they are fair and appropriate.

Public Sector Organisations

As a public organisation you will be required to demonstrate that your pay levels are fair and appropriate. An independent audit may either reassure or explain where there may be the potential for less informed criticism of your approach. Find out more.

Suppliers to the Public Sector

Hutton’s recommendations are likely to be formally incorporated into procurement processes. Meanwhile, the opportunity exists to gain competitive advantage over other suppliers by evidencing voluntary compliance with the Fair Pay Code. Find out more.

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