At Ways HR Consulting, our experience tells us that there is rarely a simple panacea for all the different challenges encountered in people management.

Our consultancy services are individually bespoke to your organisation; built on a foundation of knowledge and best practice.  Our depth of experience helps you choose the right strategic or tactical HR solution to tackle your people management challenges.

Contact us on 01422 316535 to speak with a consultant – we listen to your issues and develop the best possible solution.

We offer a full range of consultancy services – our areas of our expertise include:

Job Family Modelling (click for more) Job Family Modelling is a type of grading system that divides jobs into coherent groups based on shared characteristics.  Our approach includes a unique allocation tool, helping your organisation to implement job families based on generic descriptions of work whilst ensuring equal value compliance.

Equal Value Pay (click for more) Dealing with equal pay can be a difficult, costly and time-consuming exercise. Having assisted many local authorities in this area, we have been at the forefront of the equal pay challenge. Drawing on our consultants’ expertise and experience will help your organisation navigate this complex issue.

Executive Pay (click for more) The publication of the Hutton Report in 2011 has made issues of pay fairness and transparency of prime importance for public sector organisations. We can assist with auditing your approach and providing advice around the associated issues your suppliers will have to face in future.