Competency Frameworks

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What are Competency Frameworks?

  • Competencies are the behavioural indicators of the motives, values and traits that successful individuals show in a given role.
  • They provide a framework for assessing and developing deep-seated personal skills by going beyond academic qualifications, technical skills and experience.
  • But they are not fixed and immovable. People can develop them.
  • Competency frameworks consist of 6 – 8 management competencies against which an individual or a set of individuals at a particular level may be assessed.

We can help you to…

  • Distinguish between high-performing staff and those who perform the technical components of a role;
  • Focus employees towards organisational goals and avoid the costs of under-performance;
  • Improve performance management with a platform for performance measurement; and
  • Save time and money by avoiding unnecessary repeats of the recruitment process.

The process

  • We review existing competencies and associated programme management information.
  • We then formulate and develop a competency framework (bespoke or built on existing), through: competency-based interviews with high performers and discussions with key individuals; workshops; and established frameworks.
  • Following this we produce draft descriptions for the framework, after consultations, then finalise the framework during a one-day follow-up workshop.

Good competency frameworks are…

  • Clear and easy to understand, and fair to all;
  • Relevant to your current situation, with an eye on the future; and
  • Composed of discrete elements (the behavioural indicators do not overlap).

Our expertise enables you to…

  • Avoid potential inherent discrimination in qualifications and experience;
  • Draw from our comprehensive and proven competency dictionary; and
  • Create a positive organisational culture by establishing a clear and transparent framework to progression.


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