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Comments on Local Government Employers role profiles

Ways HR Consulting has produced a document in response to the Local Government Employers’ request for comments on Social Work Jobs profiles.

14th March, 2011 | read more »

White Paper – The Financial Benefits of Spending on Outplacement and Career Management

Career management and outplacement support can help to improve business performance and reduce costs in the current financial climate.

8th February, 2011 | read more »

News Release – New cushion needed by public sector after big redundancy payouts set to end

Biggest HR concerns include negative effect on surviving staff, bad PR, future recruitment and strike action

12th July, 2010 | read more »

White Paper – The Public Sector Recession

According to the latest forecast from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), unemployment levels will rise to almost three million by 2012. It is predicted that this will be due largely to recession in the public sector.

2nd July, 2010 | read more »

White Paper – Workforce Planning for the Public Sector

Whilst workforce planning is on many organisations’ agendas there is often some confusion about the concept and what demands are being made on HR who are increasingly are being tasked with this as a responsibility.

10th June, 2010 | read more »

The Four Checklists: Our response to EOC Guidance Note 4

We have prepared a guidance document which relates to the Ways HR Consulting Job Family Allocation © approach.

Job Family Allocation © has been used extensively to help organisations with job measurement in the context of a Job Family approach.

29th October, 2008 | read more »

White Paper – Career Management: A Business Imperative

Is your organisation suffering a downturn in individual-level engagement as the economy falters?

Would you like to experience the benefits of an integrated Career Management approach, including retaining your best people and being seen as an employer of choice?

24th October, 2008 | read more »

White Paper – Reward Strategy: Building Block or Mental Block?

Is your organisation having to look carefully at managing pay and employment costs, as the economic situation worsens?

Would you like to accurately benchmark pay and benefits against appropriate market and affordability levels?

24th October, 2008 | read more »