Client Care Code

Ways HR Consulting is committed to delivering excellent customer service for all our clients.  The purpose of the Client Care Code is to provide our clients with an understanding of what they can expect from us.

Copies of this Code are available on our website or by contacting

How to contact Ways HR Consulting:

All Ways HR Consulting clients have a designated Relationship Manager who acts as the main point of communication and is responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction.

In those exceptional circumstances where a client is unhappy with their Relationship Manager, a client can contact our Head of Practice at head office using the contact details below.

Head Office

Ways HR Consulting
1 Portland Street
M1 3BE
T. 0870 890 9882

Ways HR Consulting head office is open Monday – Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm. Any client email or telephone contact will be responded to within a maximum of 24 hours.

The Head of Practice, Paul Robertson, has overall accountability for Client Service.

Ways HR Consulting requires a commitment to customer service from all individuals associated with the support and delivery of its services.  This applies to staff at all levels of the organisation (directors, managers and employees) and all partners and associates. This commitment is explained and addressed in any recruitment and performance management.

We aim to promise only what we can deliver and always deliver what has been promised. If this aim is not achieved, for example factors outside of our control, a full explanation will be made together with appropriate and full apology. Where we initially fail to deliver (as a result of unforeseen issues or error) we make full endeavours to make good at no cost.

Ways HR Consulting encourages a customer service ethos.  We recognise that no two projects are the same. We have proven solutions and approaches, but understand that they need to be applied appropriately and sensitively to your specific circumstances. We will try hard to listen, understand and work in trusted partnership. You can expect us to be flexible to your needs.

We need to ensure we have the necessary resources and expertise to meet our clients’ needs. We invest time and resources to ensure we recruit individuals and partners against our competency definitions to deliver our services.  A ‘Commitment to Quality’ and associated aspects is part of our competency dictionary which is also used to assess and performance manage.

We believe in the importance of lifelong learning for all directors, staff and associates, and the need for continued professional development (CPD).

You can be reassured all are staff are fully trained, qualified and supported for the roles they are asked to undertake.

Identification and management of all customer service issues
We seek a dialogue to ensure awareness of any issues or concerns and try to intercept any problem and make good before they become an issue of complaint. Feedback is welcome and sought at all stages. We will endeavour to avoid any defensiveness as a perception of a problem, is a problem in itself that we would want to address.

Any formal complaints are dealt with in line with our Complaints Handling Procedure.

Quality is integral to our work. Additionally we conduct regular formal project reviews and undertake annual questionnaire based customer satisfaction surveys including independent in-depth qualitative reviews with a selection of clients.

We are formally committed to ISO 9001 standards.

Continual improvement
‘Super-pleasing’ – we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations.  Our services are only a solution if they add value to your business or organisation and are what is wanted by our clients.

Internal customers
All employees are trained on the Ways HR Consulting Client Care Code as part of their induction. When we work together we also provide a quality service to colleagues as internal customers.

Quality, as addressed in our competency dictionary, is part of our regular and formal performance management process and a driver of quarterly performance related reward assessments.